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Making life for a pet owner a little easier, this silicone lick mat with suction cups to hold in place makes for the perfect distraction while bathing! Especially effective for those furry friends that struggle to sit still in the bath or find bath time stressful.

They are also a great way to feed your furry friend some extra nutrients and goodness: Try mashed butternut, pumpkin, or xylitol-free peanut butter - feel free to get creative with all sorts of vegetables. Lick Mats can also be used as slow feeders for better digestion, as treat dispensers during puppy training or when giving medication and helps reduce anxiety and boredom.

They are non-toxic and BPA Free; they have strong grip: Designed with strong suction cups to stick firmly to your tiles and glass in your bath or showers and they are dishwasher Safe: Not only making bath time effortless but the clean-up is effortless too!



Delivery within 4-5 days from purchase.


Package Dimensions: 18cm X 18cm (L x W)

Pet Type: Dogs & Cats

Color: Multicolor

Units: 1


SKU: AS012
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