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Unlike other bone broths, ours is specifically formulated for dogs & does not contain any harmful foods, preservatives or harmful additives.


Packed full of natural vitamins & minerals, bone broth naturally provides joint rejuvenation, improves bone density, maintains a healthy belly and aids in sore and upset tummies. It naturally supports & strengthens the hips & joints, nerves & muscles. Detoxes the kidneys, promotes blood circulation, aids with nausea, maintains a happy and healthier digestive system, enhances hydration, naturally boosts energy, naturally improves skin allergies & maintains a healthier, shiner, stronger & softer skin & coats and it is a tasty additive that your pooch will thank you for!


Storage directions:

Delivered frozen. Place in the fridge or freezer on delivery. Store in the freezer to stay fresh for longer and allow to thaw out before serving.


Delivery within 4-5 day from purchase.


These jars are food enhancers & are not meal substitutes. They should be served with your dog’s pellets or raw food. The Broth can be placed over the food or can be mixed in with the food.


We do not advise that you serve or eat frozen foods that have been left out of the freezer of fridge for more than 3 days.


Shelf Life:

+-2 weeks if stored in the fridge.


Ingredients: Beef, water, apple cider vinegar, rock salt & bay leaves.


Allergies: Made in a kitchen that contains dairy, nut, wheat and egg products.





SKU: KB004
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