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Because Christmas time is all about coming together & sharing, why not share a delicious treat specially formulated for your beloved fur member?


A lot of the treats that are on the market today are “junk food” & provide no nutrition to your pup that could end up doing more harm than non. With these joyful cookies, you won’t have to worry about that, loaded with tons of natural protein, vitamin A, C, B6 & calcium which promotes hydrated skin, healthy coats, healthier eyes & stronger nerves, muscles & bones.

Storage directions:

Place in a cool and dry area or in the fridge on delivery. Store in the freezer to stay fresh for longer and allow to thaw out before serving.


Delivery with 4-5 days from purchase.


These festive biscuits are treats and are not meal substitutes and should be given to your pooch in moderation.


SKU: T013
R124,99 Regular Price
R112,50Sale Price


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