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We can all agree that our furry friends LOVE homemade treats, actually, they love all kinds of treats and that is why we have specially formulated these wholesome and healthy cinnamons rolls that will keep your pooches paws dancing and tail wagging all day long! 


These cinnamon rolls are packed full of natural vitamins and minerals that will add a beautiful shine to your dog’s coat, speed up the metabolism promoting better weight control, boost the immune system, support joint & hips, boost energy, help naturally sooth environmental allergies, naturally aid in inflammation and promote a regular and healthy digestive system. 


Storage directions:

Place in a cool and dry area or in the fridge on delivery. Store in the freezer to stay fresh for longer and allow to thaw out before serving.


Delivery within 4-5 days from purchase.


These bite sized rolls are treats and are not meal substitutes and should be given to your pooch in moderation.


Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, baking soda, water, olive oil, eggs, honey and cinnamon.


Allergies: Made in a kitchen that contains dairy, nut, wheat and egg products.



SKU: T026
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