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So what happens when you give a doggyo a donut?? Well.. Ours gobble them up & beg for more!!

These donuts will naturally improve your four-legged friends coat, act as a natural probiotic & help reduce any yeast infections & provide a variety of vitamins & minerals including vitamin A, B, Riboflavin, Folate & Iron to protect the red blood cells making them a superfood for dogs!


Storage directions:

Place in a cool and dry area or in the fridge on delivery. Store in the freezer to stay fresh for longer and allow to thaw out before serving.


Delivery within 4-5 days from purchase.


These mini delights are treats and are not meal substitutes and should be given to your pooch in moderation.


Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, baking powder, banana, egg, buttermilk, honey, yogurt & cornstarch

Allergies: Made in a kitchen that contains dairy, nut, wheat and egg products.


SKU: T004
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