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Banana & Peanut Butter Cupcakes.


Tail-wagging fresh & aimed to please the fussiest palates, these cupcakes are perfectly portioned just for your pooch!


These scrumptious cupcakes provide loads of potassium, proteins & amino & fatty acids, that will help naturally promote a healthier skin & shinier coat & help naturally aid in preventing heart disease & cancer. They will also help act as a natural anti-inflammatory whilst maintaining a happy, healthy & regular digestive system!


Our cupcakes come in a set’s of 4 & 12 (four & twelve cupcakes) and do not come with a cake topper.


Storage directions:

Place directly into the fridge on delivery & store in the fridge in an airtight container until served. The cupcakes may be stored in the freezer and eaten at a later date - allow to thaw out before serving.


Lead time:

Delivery within 4-5 days per order – please ensure if you’d like your paw-cake on a specific date, that your order is made in advance of our lead time as we cannot bake and deliver with 24hours.


These cupcakes are treats and are not meal substitutes and should be given to your pooch in moderation.


Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Baking Soda, Eggs, Peanut Butter, Banana, Cow’s Milk & Yogurt.


Allergies: Made in a kitchen that contains dairy, tree nuts, wheat and egg products.


SKU: C006
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