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Packed full of natural vitamins & minerals, this natural alga is widely used as a health supplement in dogs and humans. It can help in naturally strengthening your dog’s immune system by enhancing the body’s ability to create new antibodies (new blood cells) and contains natural anti-inflammatory properties and tons of antioxidants to help fight against disease and infections. It will cleanse the body of toxins, improve digestion and gastrointestinal health, naturally build, and strengthen muscles, nerves, hips and joints and connective tissues. It will help naturally boost the metabolism and therefore boost energy levels and reduce natural allergies. The super food powder will also help naturally maintain a regular digestive system due to its high fiber content and help to maintain a healthier, shiner and softer skin and coat.


Storage directions:

Place in a cool and dry area or in the fridge on delivery.


Delivery within 4-5 day from purchase.


These powders are food enhancers & are not meal substitutes. They should be served with your dog’s pellets or raw food. The powder can be placed over the food or can be mixed in with the food.


Allergies: Made in a kitchen that contains dairy, nut, wheat and egg products.


SKU: KB003
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